Why Us?


Because we love algorithms. But maybe you don’t. What is important to you, is to have access to the algorithms’ results. So we hide the intelligence from you, and instead we present to you all the interesting things that the intelligence produces.


Because games are beautiful. And apart from the hype, we believe that it can profoundly change many aspects of business. Think about social media: so many people, so much distraction. You and your competitors seek to maximize engagement. It’s your turn to play!


Because social media can be measured. But not social media per se. What you are trying to accomplish with social media however can be measured. We believe that your performance should be measured against the objectives that you set.


Because data is useful only if you can act on it. Because you seek answers, not dashboards. The power of the data lies in the creation of social media strategies that will help you engage and interact with your target audience.


Because synthesis unfolds. And it lets you make the connections in order to come up with ideas and opportunities. You need preparation and you need inspiration. You need to get from problem to solution, from research to concept, from insights to posts.

Meet the team

Kostis Vassiliadis
Art Direction
Konstantina Stavropoulou
Data Analyst
Vassilis Antonopoulos
Iason Demiros